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A Themed Fanfiction & Fanart Challenge Community

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Name:30kisses on Dreamwidth!
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Community description:A themed fanfiction & fanart challenge community

30kisses Fanfiction Challenge Community

Welcome to 30kisses on Dreamwidth! We're the Dreamwidth counterpart of the LiveJournal community [ profile] 30kisses.

This is a low-pressure fanfiction community catering to people interested in a bit of a challenge or thirty. Or more! Chances are, the bulk of people joining are going to be hailing from anime and manga fandoms, but other fandoms (comics, TV, movies, books, original) are also welcomed, as are pairings of any orientation.

(Note: I said PAIRINGS, not threesomes, foursomes, or any other mass 'get-togethers')

Even better, you're not just limited to fanfiction-- aspiring artists can take on the challenge too, and submit fanart or artwork for the 30 themes.

The 30 kisses are a series of themes from, from the Japanese.

Check out the original 30kisses list and all of the other themed set lists by clicking here.

The whole idea is to write 30 fics (of any length, but obviously the preference of most writers is to do 1 theme/piece, with the fics being drabbles or general oneshots) to fit the themes. But you can also write > 30 fics that use MULTIPLE themes.

That is, Fic A can use 29. the sound of waves, 27. overflow, and 30. kiss. The same concept applies to artwork-- any number of submissions is okay, so long as the themes being used is clear/stated.

The trick is that EACH FIC *MUST* incorporate a kiss somehow. Not necessarily a lip-lock kiss-- it could be a metaphorical/figurative kiss, a Hershey's kiss, or it could be an actual, physical kiss. It's up to you.

The fun in this is that while the themes are set, it's up to you to interpret them and write them for the pairing of your choice. So you're not 100% restricted.

Read the rules here. The page includes all community rules about making a claim, the format of your posts, and more. If you do not read the rules, we will know and your claim will either be ignored or deleted.
Now if you didn't want to read all that blather just to find the links, here they are:

Affiliate with us! We'd love to build a Dreamwidth affiliate list of similar fanfiction/fanart communities, whether they use the numbered/themed system or not!
Our current affiliates here with the Dreamwidth community are:

Now, to encourage more participation and creativity, I have some bonuses! Once you've finished your 30 themes for a given pairing, you can:

  • Reserve a new pairing
  • Try one of the new lists (yes! I don't just have 30kisses, I'll also point you toward other challenges for your fandom of choice, plus I'll have some more "general lists" with special rules to stimulate your graymatter!)

[personal profile] azurite - Mod and Owner, Claims List Mod

Other positions are open! Please message me if you're interested in helping out as a Claims List Mod, Tagging System Mod, Memories Mod, or in any other way!

Wanna volunteer? Pass a message onto [personal profile] azurite and she'll let you know what's available!

The bonus of being a mod: your pairings are locked! That is, you have them for time infinite for as long as you're a mod. Up to one other person (or group) can claim your pairing as well, though.

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